When it comes to a wedding…being heard is the essence of having your wishes come to life. As a Professional Coach, and having been in the wedding industry for so many years, I know what weddings can be – and what they should not be.

Weddings should not be stressful…

Weddings should not be a financial drain for years to come,  

​Weddings should not take away from the reason for the affair…

to celebrate a couple that have made a promise & commitment to one another, and who want to celebrate that with others.

From "Oh Yes! " to "I do! "

I can work with you from the beginning to the end to help make sure your wishes are honored, and your budget is too. That includes assisting you in selecting & securing a venue, selecting vendors and services for your event, coaching you about all the event details, decisions, and any special touches you wish to have as part of your day. I keep you on track with choices, timing of all dates for each task, and setting a budget. I help make sure nothing is left to chance, so you can enjoy the process and the end result! My services include orchestrating the rehearsal the day prior, and all-day Wedding Coordinating, trouble-shooting, and hand-holding for up to 10 hours (not the hand-holding part...).                                                    - Fees Quoted on the Phone                                                 

Just the Finale!

I step in about two weeks before the wedding day, create a well-crafted sequence for your day with you (2-3 hours), confirm all vendors, email them the sequence, orchestrate and run your rehearsal, and help execute your plan on the wedding day itself (up to 10 hours). This will allow you and your guests to be able to enjoy the event without having to concern yourself with anything besides having a great time.                     - Fees Quoted on the Phone                                               

As You Wish…Coaching by the hour…can be combined with "Just the Finale! "

This is for the couple who desires to do the majority of the planning themselves, yet wish a wedding professional to be 'in the wings' to act as a guide.

Services & Rates

       The Wedding Coach SB       

The Wedding Coach SB